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How To Propose Girl On Propose Day | Proposal Ideas | Tips & Tricks

There is no rocket since in proposing your girl. It is a unique challenge which most of the guys have to face and everyone wants it to get it right.Before proposing your girl, keep few points in mind- Be sure that why you want to marry her. Saying I love you is not enough. You should be sure why you want her in your life and how is she so special. Talk to her and express your feelings in words. Tell her why she is the so special and why you want to marry her. How she has change things in your life and you can’t live without her.

Do before you propose –

· The discussion of marriage is important. The two of you should discuss about the possibility of getting married and other issues involved.

· Do make it a Surprise. It shuld not be like that she is already expecting it. Sound confident when you propose her.

· The ring should be perfect. It should be her size, her choice and style.

· The style of proposing should be unique, and creative. Make the proposal a memorable as the moment is once in a life time and will be remembered always.


1. It is essential to do a bit of homework. The person needs to know the girl well before actually proposing her. It is better to know what she dislikes and likes, her general nature, her thinking pattern and moods so that the proposal can be planned accordingly. In case, she is an introvert and shy person, it would be better to propose when alone. In case, she is of the sporty type and prefers adventure, then, he should take her to some exciting trip like rock climbing and can propose her while at the top.

2. The age old way of going down on knees in public is still the best way to propose a girl. Don’t try this idea with a shy and introvert girl as she might find it difficult to reciprocate as it could be embarrassing.

3. All girls love flowers. So get a huge bouquet of roses and tell her how much you love her and how much she means to you. Tell her you would like to spend the rest of your life with her or alone. Be ready to be smothered by a genuinely happy woman’s hug!

4. Buy lot of fragmented candles. Also buy some heart shape candles. Turn off all the lights in your house. Make a trail of candles and ask her to marry her. Also place few heart shape candles and box of diamond ring in the center of it.

5. A traditional way of proposing is to fall on the knees and to propose in public by offering flowers to her. In case, the girl is an introvert and shy, this is best avoided since she would be embarrassed, and cannot be expected to reciprocate.

6. Go for Tattoo: The powerful and intense way to propose is Tattoo her name on your body. As girls are emotional so, this will definitely work. But be careful, even if she gets angry don’t lose hope this means that she loves you and cares for you.

7. Propose in Front of Your Group: Surprise her/him by proposing in front of your group this will certainly work. Girls especially love surprises so use this way to propose the love of your life with a beautiful bouquet or teddy.

8. Painting a proposal on a roof: I like this idea. I think that paint a marriage proposal on the roof and then view it from above with your partner is a wonderful experience – and it’s super unique! This can be a bit ‘difficult, if not you have someone paint it for you or you are trying to do it yourself, it’s so memorable!

9. Hot air balloon ride : Finally, have you ever thought of going around in a hot air balloon? You can actually have a banner hanging from a balloon that floats around while you’re on your lap! As proposed, sweet and memorable!

10. Plan a movie night and Choose romantic movie to watch and cuddle up on the couch. After one or two movies, hold her close and propose to her.

If you and your girlfriend are coffee drinkers, have two coffee cups made, one saying Mr. and the other saying Mrs. Have the ring ready in your pocket and when she looks at you confusingly, ask her to be your Mrs.

Though not a romantic tip, it is an important one. Don’t put the ring in her food or drink. This can cause a very lengthy trip to the emergency room and a ruined romantic evening.


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